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Wolfgang Gartner feat Jim Jones & Cam’ron - Circus Freaks Lyrics

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Do you heard me
Stack get drunk and high
Get sly and get fly
Did you heard me?
We in this beat
Smoking weed and drinking shit
Everybody …easy bitch
What the fuck … freeze
Consider with.. take a shit
And i’m just butterfly yall wanna is the freaky shit

So you know i kiss the ..
She got me .. keep up bitch ..bitch
Just nine ..but you all
..yall got a hustle ’cause i’m tryin getting richer
.. she might get witcher
Baby girl you will hit me with me
Please that Britney Britney
Lady Gaga ..white girl hit me hit me
Don’t ..
You can keep that Whitney with me
Don’t test me .. i will leave you dizzy dizzy
What your girlfriend in the ..
Who is she say who is she ..
..that girl I’m selfish…
I’m hot hotter than ..
Stop .. hot back cop that
i know you felt it
but look it worth it
The truth is surface
All these damn freaks is a fucking circus
I’m hot hotter than hotter than ..
I’m hot hotter than ..
I’m hot hotter than ..
I’m hot hotter than ..
You heard me
..freaks freak
It’s a fucking circus

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